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Loren Niemi - Storyteller


What do drunken camels, Jacques Cousteau, falling through a hole in the ice, and dating a vampire have in common? Hanged if we know, but they all appear in the work of professional storyteller Loren Niemi. On March 6, at Nightbird Books, he will be sharing some of these curiosities and others from his life as Catholic monk, “back to the land” dropout, circus ringmaster, and 20 years as Fringe Festival performer. With a repertoire of 1001 stories, traditional and biographical, he'll tell a ghost story from his new book What Haunts Us, we're sure, and will be open, also, to the audience’s suggestions. 

Loren says he began telling stories as a “child fibber” but realized, in short order, he was less interested in telling lies than in "improving the truth," and he’s done it ever since. An innovative storyteller, he's performed for more than 40 years in the U.S. and abroad before audiences of all ages. Poet and author, Loren has published stories and poems as well as non-fiction books on the necessity of difficult stories and the uses of narrative forms. 

How can you stay home for this one? C'mon down to Nightbird Books the evening of March 6. No charge for admission, but we'll pass the hat for gas money so Loren can complete his drive from his home in Minneapolis to Dallas, Texas, where he will perform at his next professional storytellers' conference.

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